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One way drop hack do stations in drop trip and Roundtrip if client want multiway trip as per motorist concern at the time of trip date, we give 14Rs/ km minimum per day should be 200kms for hydrofoil auto
A booking ID No( evidence) will be transferred to the rubberneck over dispatch when he completes an online auto reserving with onewaydroptaxi on with a SMS update on the same.
Producing the booking ID No handed before is obligatory to mileage the auto reimbursement services by onewaydroptaxi. If this isn’t done it entitles the motorist to refuse service delivery without any liability to us.
When a client produces the booking ID No handed to him it before, it implies that he have read and understood all terms and conditions mentioned herewith and agrees on all of them.
The launch and end distance in Kms will be calculated from trippers
pickup place. Driving speed of the vehicle as per the directions of the original transport authority only. Parking charges, risk charges, state permit levies eachtime border crossing for one way drop and entry freights etc, to be paid by the client.
Distances between two locales( points) be it an intercity distance or from trippers
pickup place etc mentioned on the website are approximate. factual distance may differ depending on the exact geographical position of the points under consideration.
Auto air- conditioner won’t work on hilly routes & also when the vehicle isn’t in stir. The client is also not anticipated to request motorist to make the air condition functional in the afore mentioned cases.
For all trip types( one way, round trip) client has to bear all redundant charges like motorist allowance, risk, levies, charges on for redundant Kms consumed if applicable, charges for redundant hours consumed if applicable, parking charges, over luggage charge( further than 10 kg Rice pack is stricktly not allowed) and any other charges applicable as mentioned at the time of booking.
Any form of abatements are only applicable only on the introductory chow and can not be made available on redundant charges like risk, levies, charges on for redundant Kms consumed if applicable, charges for redundant hours consumed if applicable, motorist allowance, parking, night charges, unless specified.
The vehicle reserved will be subject to vacuity. In a case where the auto reserved isn’t available on the day of trip the client will be handed with an indispensable original vehicle in the analogous member as applicable
client can request for emendations to a booking made before by him only if the request is done 10 hours before the pick- up time. No changes will be done within 10 hours of the time of pick up time. In cases where emendations are requested on hack type, the hack type requested is subject to vacuity. In case of a no show where the client has not informed onewaydroptaxi on the changes on his schedule 10 hours before the pick- up no refunds will be made. The emendations can be done by reaching the support platoon of onewaydroptaxi on 9786838697 and mention the booking ID No for references.
client is liable to pay waiting charges in the case of detention( be it for any reason) exceeding further than 15 twinkles from the listed pick up time.
client is liable to pay for any fresh distance travelled and also for fresh hourly charges if applicable. Any unscheduled changes will attract fresh charges as applicable.
taxicabs that are reserved for terminal( any or all of Oneway, round trip & multicity) can not be used for original trip. As an illustration if a client books a hack from Chennai to Bangalore also to Nandi Hills and back to Chennai for a period of 3 days in total & has a predefined Km limit of 800 Kms and he returns back to Chennai on the alternate day & has a balance Km limit of 50 with one day remaining, inspite of this he’s not entitled to consume this 50Kms for original trip in Chennai( From megacity), still the client can travel from Chennai to some other megacity outside megacity limits of Chennai( say Chengalpet) & consume the remaining 50 Kms or further than this by paying fresh charges.
Still, a client can amend his booking from one way to round trip or from one way to multi megacity while his trip is in progress, If demanded. A request for correction while mentioning the booking ID number & reason for correction has to be made to the support platoon at onthewaydroptaxi by reaching them on 9786838697. Whether or not to make an correction as per the request of the client solely rests with our support platoon. If the correction request by the client is approved our support platoon they will guide on the difference quantum to be paid to the motorist as to make the correction a reality. This quantum has to be paid incontinently to the motorist in cash after our platoon makes an correction, failure to do so won’t make the requested correction a reality.
For one way oustation passages the client will pay for any fresh charges in the case where the motorist needs to cover fresh distance( or) needs fresh duration to complete his return trip( whichever of these two advanced).
Transfers with unidentified distance content will only include one way transfer either from field or road station to a single position or vice versa. Pick- ups or drops from multiple locales aren’t included in similar bookings.
onthewaydroptaxi can not be hold responsible for any detention or consequential loss caused to the client due to business jam or reasons beyond reasonable control of the motorist or setbacks on the part of the motorist.
onthewaydroptaxi can not be hold responsible for any loss, damage, physical injury etc suffered by the client while serving its services.
In case of any misconduct or malfeasance by the motorist the client should incontinently report to the support platoon of onthewaydroptaxi at 9626866991 and partake the experience while mentioning the booking ID No for reference.
onthewaydroptaxi can not be hold responsible for any loss, damage or detention suffered by the client due to force majeure events.
In case of any disagreement parties agree to the exclusive governance of courts of Chennai, Tamilnadu.
In addition to all the over mentioned terms & conditions, stoner terms mentioned on the website apply.
In a script, where in a client formerly has entered the motorist & hack details and the hack hired doesn’t show up on the day of trip, it’ll be considered as the failure of the line mate of onthewaydroptaxi. onthewaydroptaxi being a Taxi Booking Facilitator will take all necessary sweats to give the client an indispensable mode of transport incontinently, in the shortest possible time. onthewaydroptaxi isn’t liable to repay its client for any charges like hostel stay charges, flight ticket charges or any other type of financial charges which the client had to bear as a result of no show of the hack on the day of planned hack trip.
Special instructions
motorist & auto details These details will be transferred to the client by onthewaydroptaxi roughly before 4 hour from the pick- up time by SMS and dispatch. In some cases the motorist or an associate of onthewaydroptaxi may also call in advance to reconfirm with the client.
Non damage of motorist and auto details In similar cases the client needs to communicate the support platoon at onthewaydroptaxi 9626866991 on and mention the booking ID number.
Demand of plutocrat by the motorist- The booking ID handed to the client easily indicates the particulars including on his booking. Any quantum over and above this both in terms for distance and duration and other particulars similar as night charges, motorist allowance, risk, levies, state levies, charges on for redundant Kms consumed if applicable, charges for redundant hours consumed if applicable, parking charges etc have to be paid directly to the motorist in cash. In case of any disagreement with the motorist the client should reach the support platoon of onthewaydroptaxi at 9626866991 and mention the booking ID details for reference and mention the subject of disagreement.
turndown by the motorist to deliver services- The client to communicate the support platoon at onthewaydroptaxi on 9626866991 and mention the booking ID number for reference.