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You also admit that through this point,onthewaydroptaxi.com simply provides central services in order to grease loftiest quality services to you.onthewaydroptaxi.com isn’t the last – afar service provider to you and thus,onthewaydroptaxi.com shall not be or supposed to be responsible for any lack or insufficiency of services handed by any person( airline, trip/ stint driver, hostel, installation or analogous agency) you shall engage or hire or appoint pursuant to or performing from, the material available in this point.onthewaydroptaxi.com,onthewaydroptaxi.com Affiliates, and their separate suppliers hereby disclaim all guaranties and conditions with regard to this information, software, products, and services, including all inferred guaranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non – violation.

onthewaydroptaxi.com is hack reserving facilitator only. And onthewaydroptaxi.com will take utmost care in icing all the hacks have valid and Iin- force Insurance policiesand other statutorydocuments. All claims arising out of the trip with hacks have to be settled with the concerned hack drivers only.onthewaydroptaxi.com doesn’t take any responsibility whatsoever in case of theft, loss of material orlife.

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Notwithstanding anything differently to the contrary contained away herein or else at law,onthewaydroptaxi.com’s liability( whether by way of remuneration to you or else) shall be confined to a outside of INR 1000( Indian Rupees One Thousand only).


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